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How do I Know if I’ve Been Discriminated Against at Work?

How do I know if I’ve been discriminated against? In the past several decades ago, you had overt discrimination in the workplace. So for example, you might walk into the break room and see in the news. Or you would have somebody call you a slur or a name that’s offensive to your gender.

These days most discrimination is not that direct, it’s usually more subtle and you might have a feeling that you’ve been discriminated against but you’re not sure. If you’re not sure, the best thing you can do is contact a lawyer who specializes in employment law.

Talk to Your Lawyer, We Are Here For You

Talk to a lawyer, tell them your story, that lawyer will be able to ask you questions to find out what are some of those subtle hints that occurred on your employment that indicate that you were discriminated against.

Here at Serious Injury Law, we have lawyers who are very experienced in knowing what to look for to determine that discrimination has occurred either in the hiring process, during employment, or during the termination process.

What we do here, is we invite you to come in and we talk to you, we ask you some questions and we’ll be able to identify exactly what your rights are and then we tell you what are the next steps that you need to take when your rights have been trampled on.

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