Attorney Cheryl Lynn Solomine

Cheryl Lynn Solomine

Cheryl is originally from Scottsdale, Arizona and later traveled to New Haven, CT, where she attended Albertus Magnus College. She graduated cum laude with a BS in Business and Economics. Cheryl attended the University of Massachusetts School of Law, where she found a real passion for personal injury law. She has experience in complex civil litigation involving medical malpractice, catastrophic injury, premises liability, trucking collisions, and wrongful death. Cheryl has helped represent clients who suffered traumatic brain injuries, undiagnosed esophageal intubations, unnecessary and preventable amputations, and injuries sustained on construction sites.  Most importantly, Cheryl has helped those clients recover damages due to their injuries or the injuries of their loved ones.

What drives her practice of law is the desire to advocate for the unheard and the most vulnerable. She believes the playing field should be level for all and operates with a mindset to fight the establishment on equal terms. “In my opinion, this is the true power of the law and one of the primary reasons why I became a lawyer.”

In her spare time, which is rare, Cheryl enjoys hiking, golf, and spending time with family and friends.

One of her favorite quotes to live by is, “You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you,” John Bunyan.