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How long will my car accident settlement take?

How long will my car accident settlement take? That’s a very good question and it depends. It depends upon where it occurred. It depends upon the facts and the circumstances. It depends on the severity of the injuries. It depends on the insurance companies involved. Some insurance companies have a policy where they choose to resolve their claims in a timely manner. Other insurance companies want to try to starve you to death in the hopes that you’ll capitulate and take the first crumbs that they throw at you once an offer is made. Each and every taste is different. The settlement time varies on each and every case. There is no measuring stick or no timeline that we could put on in a particular case. We just take them on an individual basis.

Here at the Serious Injury Law Group, we deal with automobile accident cases just like yours every day. We’ve set up so that we can help you with your particular case no matter how far along it is into the process. Whether it’s going to take two weeks or whether it takes two years, Serious Injury Law Group is here to help you. We’re going to dedicate our resources and our time to help you get a successful outcome in your case.

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