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What is lane splitting?

What is lane splitting? Essentially what road splitting is is when the motorcyclist tries to split in between stopped traffic to get to their destination. While lane sharing is when two motorcycles riding side by side are in the same lane. Under Alabama law that’s legal. However, Alabama law prevents more than two motorcycle riders from sharing a given lane. You can have two motorcycle riders riding side by side, but you can’t have three or four cyclists riding side by side.

Alabama law also requires that all operators of a motorcycle wear a certified motorcycle helmet. Visors are optional but helmets are not optional, they’re required. Passengers also required to wear helmets under Alabama law. The rules involving motorcycle accidents in Alabama are very strict. If you are in an accident involving a motorcycle, please give us a call at the Serious Injury Law Group. Our number is 1-855-SERIOUS and you can call us anytime, day or night, 24 hours a day.

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