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How to report nursing home abuse?

How to report nursing home abuse? When you have a loved one in a nursing home or rehabilitation centers, it is really important to look out for signs and symptoms of nursing home abuse. There can be a thing such as frequent infections, infections that are allowed to progress to a condition called sepsis, bed sores, dehydration. You want to look for those other signs that the patients’ not being properly cared for, that they’re being neglected. One thing you should always do if you suspect nursing home abuse is to call the Alabama Department of Public Health. They have a hotline dedicated to the nursing home abuse. Also, you can make a complaint online at the Alabama Department of Public Health website.

It’s really important if you suspect nursing home abuse that you contact an attorney immediately. An attorney competent in handling medical malpractice cases. Not all attorneys handle medical malpractice cases and may don’t handle them very well. We want to make sure that you should have one that is experienced in medical malpractice cases.

If you suspect nursing home abuse, call 1-855 SERIOUS and let the nursing home abuse attorneys at Serious Injury Law Group, go to work for you.

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