By Serious Injury Law Group


Do I have a lawsuit?

Do I have a lawsuit? Can I sue on this? Well, technically you can sue for anything. What we do is we sit down with the client. First, we look at the facts of the case, we look at the injuries, and we look at the law. We may feel like the client will be unsuccessful in the case. We may determine that the client’s injuries may not merit to consideration for filing suit. If we think that the defendant is bankrupt or doesn’t have enough money to cover the client’s injuries, we put out those factors in the plate when making their determination as to whether someone has a lawsuit or needs to file a lawsuit.

It is a very, very calculated, well-thought-out process. After we have met with a client and completed enough research, based on our knowledge of these factors, we make the determination for our client.

Do you think that your case has merit? Call us at Serious Injury Law Group. We can evaluate it for you. We’ll take out all those factors and put them into consideration. We can make a determination with your input as to whether it’s a case our law firm can handle for you.