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Trucking accidents are among the most severe types of crashes. Because of their size and weight, 18-wheelers will inflict damage that is far worse than any ordinary passenger car.

Trucking companies and their insurance companies know exactly what is at stake when one of their drivers negligently injures or kills someone in a crash. They will aggressively protect their own financial interests. This is why you need a lawyer who will vigorously protect your interests.

If you were involved in a collision with a tractor-trailer in or around Montgomery, call Serious Injury Law Group to get help right away. Our hard-working truck accident lawyers know what it will take to pursue compensation for your injuries, and we will aggressively pursue all of your legal options.

About Our Recognized Montgomery Truck Accident Lawyers

We prepare every case as if it will go to trial. This is because our Montgomery truck accident lawyers fight to win, not just settle. Personal injury cases are all we handle, so we are fully engaged in our clients’ cases right from the start.

Our Montgomery injury attorneys don’t just represent clients in Alabama, we are proud natives of this state. What happens here matters to us. Find out more about what makes us different. Contact us at our Montgomery office today for a free consultation.

How Our Trusted Montgomery Truck Accident Attorneys Can Help

We take every case seriously. This means that we will take specific steps to protect your rights and pursue the compensation that you are due after a collision with a tractor-trailer.

Our Montgomery truck accident attorneys will:

  • Find out what happened to you. Our attorneys know how to move quickly to investigate truck accident cases. We will visit the scene of the crash, take photos and inspect the 18-wheeler. We will also preserve evidence such as the truck’s electronic data recorder (“black box”), cell phone records, driver logbooks and truck inspection and maintenance records. Additionally, we will research the trucking company and its safety records, the driver’s background and other relevant information.
  • Calculate your damages. We will work carefully with you and treating medical care providers to gather your medical records. We may also discuss your injuries with medical experts. At the same time, we understand that damages in truck accident cases go beyond medical bills. Catastrophic injuries can also involve lost income, diminished future earnings and lost enjoyment of life, among many other consequences. We will make sure that your claim fully accounts for all harm that you and your loved ones have suffered through no fault of your own.
  • Deal with the insurance companies. An 18-wheeler accident may involve multiple insurance companies. While you focus on your health and your family, we will manage communication with the insurance adjusters, claims representatives and insurance defense attorneys. We will aggressively pursue a settlement that fully and fairly compensates you and won’t let the insurance company get away with a lowball offer.
  • Fight for you in court. If the insurance company or companies fail to treat you fairly in settlement negotiations, we will use our experience as trial-tested litigators to fight for the compensation you deserve in the courtroom.

Whatever you do, do not talk to the insurance company or sign anything without first speaking with Serious Injury Law Group. It is completely free to call us for a consultation, and we will not charge you anything unless we obtain compensation for you. You will have nothing to lose.

Truck Accident Cases Are Different

It is important to work with a law firm that knows how truck accident cases are different than other types of accident cases. Here are just a few examples of how they differ:

  • Evidence can disappear. A trucking company may try to quickly cut off access to important evidence such as the tractor-trailer, the truck’s electronic data recorder and the driver’s logbooks. For this reason, your lawyer must act to preserve evidence and begin an investigation literally within hours after the crash happens.
  • Multiple parties are common. Cases typically involve more than the truck driver. The trucking company, warehouse owner, shipping broker, mechanics, supervisors, dispatchers, manufacturers and many others may also be liable for damages in a truck accident claim. Your attorney should identify all responsible parties and hold them accountable.
  • Violations of state and federal regulations may be involved. Your lawyer should have thorough knowledge of the regulations that govern the trucking industry in Alabama and throughout the country. If a truck driver or trucking company violated one or more regulations, it may serve as proof of negligence in your case.
  • Victims may suffer life-changing injuries. People in passenger cars who collide with 18-wheelers tend to suffer the worst impact. Catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, multiple fractures and soft tissue damage are common. Your lawyer should understand the care and treatment that those injuries require and the ways they impact victims’ lives. Your lawyer should use that knowledge to pursue a settlement or verdict that fully compensates you.

Pursuing Compensation After a Truck Accident in Montgomery

Every case is different. The amount of compensation that you can recover in an 18-wheeler accident claim will depend on the specific facts in your case.

Types of Truck Accident Damages

The damages that Serious Injury Law Group seeks on your behalf may include:

  • Medical expenses that you have already incurred
  • Anticipated future medical expenses
  • Lost income
  • Diminishment of future earnings (due to lost ability to work)
  • Emotional distress
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • Aggravation of pre-existing injuries
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium (for the spouse of an injured victim)
  • Wrongful death damages (if your loved one died in the crash).

Call Our Montgomery 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers for a Free Consultation

Alabama – like all states – limits how long you have to bring a lawsuit for your injuries after a truck accident. Generally, you must file a claim within two years after the date of the crash (or date of injury) or within two years from the date of your loved one’s death. If you miss the deadline, you can lose your right to bring a claim for damages.

Don’t take risks: Contact Serious Injury Law Group today at our Montgomery office and allow us to review your case in a free consultation.