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Birmingham Surgical Error Lawyers

We all know that surgeries carry risks. But many of those risks are foreseeable. Other risks are extremely unlikely or improbable, and they occur only when medical professionals make mistakes. There is a big difference between a minor surgical complication and a tragic case of surgical error that leads to devastating injuries or death.

If a surgical error has seriously hurt you or a loved one, give Serious Injury Law Group a call today. We know a surgical error can create horrible consequences for the whole family. We want to help. Our experienced, aggressive medical malpractice lawyers will fight for the win for you and pursue all compensation you are due. Contact us today to schedule a free and completely confidential consultation to discuss your case.

What Are Common Types of Surgical Errors?

Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals can easily prevent many of the most common surgical errors through the use of proper procedure and best practices. Unfortunately, busy hospitals, emergency rooms and surgical centers at times become overwhelmed and unable to keep up. In some situations, physicians and other health care providers simply cut corners when providing patient care.

Typical errors include:

  • Pre-operative and post-operative mistakes – Surgical errors can involve different mistakes that occur before and after surgery such as poor post-surgical diet plans and failure to prevent infections.
  • Wrong site operation – Surgical teams may amputate or operate on the wrong body parts. Insurance data from one state showed that these types of malpractice accounted for 45 of the 1,039 medical malpractice claims in a given time period (roughly 4 percent of all claims paid).
  • Wrong procedure – The same data suggests that about 4 percent of all medical malpractice claims are due to performing an improper procedure.
  • Anesthesia errors – Certain specialties have higher incident rates than others. As noted in the New England Journal of Medicine, about 34 percent of all anesthesiologists report that they have been sued for malpractice. Anesthesia errors tend to be among the most prevalent surgical mistakes.
  • Accidental punctures or cuts during surgery – Whether it is a routine gastrointestinal endoscopy or some other procedure, perforations and other accidental punctures can be life-threatening and lead to long-term complications.
  • Leaving foreign objects in patient’s body – Perhaps the most frequently referenced and blatant error is when a surgical team fails to account for all utensils and surgical equipment before closing a surgical site. They may leave sponges and other items inside of a patient.
  • Failure to monitor patient after surgery – Blood clots, internal hemorrhage and other complications can develop quickly after a surgery. Hospital staff must quickly address these issues, or it could cost patients their lives.

Whatever the medical error that you or your loved one have suffered, our legal team at Serious Injury Law Group is here to help.

Why Do Surgical Errors Occur?

Many underlying reasons explain why medical negligence occurs during surgical procedures. Some of the more common causes are:

  • Poor communication – When healthcare professionals fail to communicate about medications and changes in a patient’s status, it can lead to injuries.
  • Failure to check patient history – A person’s history can be very instructive to a cautious physician in determining the appropriate care.
  • Lack of proper training and supervision – With the ever-increasing use of so-called “physician extenders” like physicians’ assistants and nurse practitioners, patients may receive a great deal of their pre- and post-operative care from someone other than a doctor. While these mid-level providers are useful for many purposes, they must be supervised by physicians.
  • Lack of proper protocol and procedures – Hospitals and practice groups maintain detailed and comprehensive procedures that staff are to follow. When they fail to do so, the results can be catastrophic.
  • Doctor fatigue/overworked – It’s no mystery that young residents and hospitalist physicians often work incredibly long hours, putting not only their own health at risk but also their patient’s health.
  • Inadequate or outdated tools – It is unacceptable for any hospital in Alabama to use antiquated devices and equipment, especially given the amount of profits realized by many hospitals – even those in rural settings.

Our Birmingham Medical Malpractice Attorneys Can Help You

The key to any medical malpractice case is understanding the medicine behind the errors. Common surgical errors may happen a lot. Still, it doesn’t mean hospitals and doctors are just going to voluntarily accept responsibility. In most cases, even when negligence is exceedingly clear, insurance companies will fight hard to avoid admitting that anything went wrong. Internal review boards are often called to investigate the matter, and in many cases, they reach conclusions that are simply unsatisfactory.

At Serious Injury Law Group, we will conduct a comprehensive investigation and fight for your rights. Our work on your behalf will include:

  • Gathering medical records and other helpful evidence
  • Consulting with highly trained experts and specialists
  • Building a complete record of the surgical errors that led to the injuries
  • Fiercely negotiating with insurance companies and defendants
  • Resolving claims through settlement where feasible
  • Filing a lawsuit against those responsible
  • Fighting your case to trial when necessary
  • Appealing to higher courts if needed
  • Resolving liens, medical bills, collections and other loose ends after a case.

Ultimately, it’s our goal to help our clients understand their injuries and get justice for those affected by medical negligence. With multiple offices throughout Alabama, we stand ready to help clients wherever they need us.

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As lifelong Alabama residents, you can count on the attorneys of Serious Injury Law Group to put the people of our state first. We don’t tolerate reckless or careless medical providers, especially those who are repeat offenders. If you and your family have suffered the devastating effects of negligent medical care, you deserve to be compensated to the fullest extent.

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