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How much is a wrongful death lawsuit worth? It’s extremely difficult to determine the value of a wrongful death lawsuit until you have an opportunity to get into the facts of the case. There are so many factors that determine the value of a case. It could be everything from where the accident occurred, when it occurred, or whether it was a trucking company. For example, trucking companies are required by Federal Law to maintain a certain amount of insurance. If it was a private vehicle where an individual caused the wrongful death, then there’s probably going to be less insurance there.

We look at also at contributory negligence. What role did the deceased or the dead person play in the wrongful death? Did they contribute to it in any way? Here at the Serious Injury Law Group, we build with the law and we make a determination based upon our investigation and our knowledge of the applicable law and the fact as to what that case is going to be worth.

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